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Jim Carter's Bugfixes

UEFI Booting for OpenSuSE

James F. Carter

You install OpenSuSE Leap 42.1, with the BIOS set for UEFI booting, but when package installation finishes and it tries to reboot, the machine just sits there with a blank screen. (Workaround: revert to legacy booting.)

What's happening:

See this blog post by Neil Rickert about UEFI booting (2016-01-08). He says there is a bug in /boot/efi/shim.efi which has a bad interaction with some but not all BIOSes, and prevents Secure Booting. For him, turning off Secure Boot always fixed the problem, but not for me. See OpenSuSE bug 950569.

How to fix:

Install shim-TW-0.9-4.1 or later, from Tumbleweed. With that package you need to copy /usr/lib64/efi/shim.efi to /boot/efi/EFI/opensuse/ , or find and execute shim-install .

Jimc needs to test this out. I wonder if UEFI and/or Secure Booting will work on our KVM virtual machines? And how to monkey with the BIOS settings.

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