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Jimc's Exercises

James F. Carter <>, 2015-06-02

I got a herniated disc which impinged on a spinal nerve; it was repaired surgically. After that I did physical therapy exercises, and I modified my regular exercise program, adding exercises when my back was strong enough to handle them.

Current List of Exercises

Updated 2015-08-19.

Core and stretch (daily) -- on most, hold the pose 5sec and repeat 10x.

Lower Body (2x/week) -- on most, hold the pose 5sec and repeat 10x.

Upper body (2x/week)

Strength Training Program

A Strength Training Program For Your Home by Stephen Ball, PhD (2012-02-02). Here is the exercise program from the first reference above. In the comments, Jeanie is my physical therapist. Jimc says: if you adjust the resistance so you're tired out after 10 reps, that builds your strength quickest, according to the references. But endurance (less force, more reps) is valuable to do your work.

Exercise Schedule

How often should I do strength exercises? Every second day? (Typical recommendation.) Every day? (Jimc's usual.) These references shed light: