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Installing Citadel

James F. Carter <>, 2011-01-30

After installing Citadel I reinstalled it and wrote up the procedure, in case it has to be done over. (Filename is /usr/local/citadel/README.UCLA)

This is Citadel-7.85, installed on 2011-01-27 by jimc. Sources are in simba:/s1/citadel-7.85

Downloaded sources for Citadel and libsieve:

Check dependencies, have: libdb-4_5 libical0 libexpat1 libcurl4 libopenssl0_9_8 shared-mime-info gettext-tools

Check devel packages, need: libical-devel libcurl-devel openldap2-devel Have: libdb-4_5-devel libexpat-devel libopenssl-devel pam-devel

Installation directory: /usr/local/citadel which is a symlink to /net/simba/m1/citadel-7.85 .

When configuring, I used --prefix=/usr/local/citadel (which is the default for citadel itself), except /usr/local/citadel/webcit . No other ./configure options were needed except --with-pam for Citadel.

For ./configure I used these arguments:

To get ./configure to work, I needed to set these environment variables so the compiler and linker would find sieve2.h and libcitadel.h in /usr/local/citadel/include, and and in /usr/local/citadel/lib. I made a wrapper script so as to avoid errors typing them in repeatedly; it sets the variables and then execs all the command line arguments as an actual command. Since the build host has demands on its CPU I use nice -19; most people would not need this.

CFLAGS="-g -O2 -I $c/include" \
        CPPFLAGS="-I $c/include" \
        DEPEND_FLAGS="-I $c/include"  \
        LDFLAGS="-L $c/lib" \
        LD_RUN_PATH="$c/lib" \
        nice -19 "$@"

Compilation (on Simba):



configure 8 secs; make 11 secs; install.



configure 5 secs; make 7 secs;


./configure arguments were:

Apply CouchNet patches -- patch -p0 < textclient.pat etc. Configure 11 secs; make 30 secs;

When upgrading an existing installation, after make install you need to fix these items in the likely case that you've customized them: (relative paths relative to /usr/local/citadel)


./configure arguments were:

configure 4 secs; make 15 secs; install

Port assignments on Mathnet:

Name Dflt Used Change to
SMTP 25 Y 2025
POP3 110 (leave it)
IMAP 143 (leave it)
Citadel 504 (leave it)
SMTPS 465 Y 2465 (deprecated)
SMTP-MSA 587 Y 2587
POP3S 995 (leave it)
IMAPS 993 (leave it)
Managesieve 2020 (leave it)
XMPP client 5222 (leave it)
XMPP ipc 5269 (leave it) (not actually used)
HTTP 80 Y 2080 (webcit setup)
HTTPS 443 Y 2443 (webcit setup)


Checking out services:

Setting up Thunderbird:

Lingering Issues with Citadel

I'll try to annotate the issues as I fix, or don't fix them.

Coarse grained presence

Pidgin lets you set several kinds of presence, e.g. do not disturb, and custom status messages, e.g. out to lunch. With ejabberd these would be propagated to the partner, but with Citadel you are either available or offline. The transition between these is reported promptly to the partner, but status variants are never seen by the partner.

Restart after Page

In Administration - Restart after paging users, it shows a box titled Message to your Users whose content is didn't find Template [box_serverrestartpage] 21 21, and it doesn't restart.

Doesn't Send Mail

It's supposed to send to a smart host at Viewing the outbound queue: connection refused. Guess what, Postfix is not listening on that port. Because that feature is not turned on, because CFT never uses it anyway for incoming mail. (Until now, all mail was outsourced.) Exponential backoff running the queue is good for scalability but a pain for debugging. I changed to localhost:25 and did /usr/local/citadel/sendcommand SMTP runqueue and the message was sent out.

Wrong Host Name

The message was rejected by the recipient because the envelope said it was from This is not publicly resolvable. It needs to use, which is a public name, although it doesn't accept incoming mail. This is set in Administration - Site Configuration - General. Changing the hostname requires restarting the server. Now the recipient swallows it.

No Tree Structure for Admin Mail Menu

Administration - View the Outbound SMTP Queue: when you get into this page the only way you can get out is to hit a button (like Administration) in the left side bar.

__CitadelSMTPspoolout__ as a Page Title

When you hit Advanced in the left sidebar, the page has this identifier as its page title. The same page title appears on all the pages under Your Info, and likely other dependent pages as well.

HTML Mail, Yuck

How do you make it send mail as text/plain? There was some discussion of this on the support forum.

Invalid HTML Mail, Yuck

The message has some formatting and header problems. Here's what it looks like, omitting Received headers after Postfix got it.

Received: from (localhost [])
	by (Postfix) with ESMTP id 7DC3740FE0
	for ; Thu,  3 Feb 2011 22:42:32 -0800 (PST)
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2011 22:41:42 -0800
Subject: Test message from Citadel
Message-ID: <>
From: "Jim Carter" 
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-Mailer: WebCit 7.85
Content-type: multipart/alternative; boundary=""
X-UID: 185025                                                  
Status: RO
Content-Length: 1072

This is a multipart message in MIME format.
Content-type: text/plain; charset=utf-8
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable -> -> Laguna, will laguna swa=
it? =20

James F. Carter          Voice 310 825 2897    FAX 310 206 6673
UCLA-Mathnet;  6115 MSA; 405 Hilgard Ave.; Los Angeles, CA, USA 90095-155=
Email: (q.v. for PGP k=
Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable -> -> Laguna, will l= aguna swallow it?

James F. Carter Voice 310 825 2897 FAX 310 2= 06 6673
UCLA-Mathnet; 6115 MSA; 405 Hilgard Ave.; Los Angeles, CA,=20= USA 90095-1555
Email: jimc (q.v. for PGP key)

My objections to the message are these:

  • I wish the user could have a choice to send one, the other, or both of the text/plain and text/html parts. In some circles the use of HTML mail gives a very negative impression, and it's a fact that most spam (that I see when checking our spam suppression software) is sent in HTML format. I would turn off the HTML if the choice were available.

  • Horde/IMP (webmail) puts in a header identifying the submitting user and the host from which he connected. This is very useful when a user's password is stolen by a keystroke logger, and I have to identify which user it is, even though the body sender is forged, pointing back to the spammer's fraud hosting site. Of course Webcit has to tell Citadel the connect host at login time.

Lame Use of Browser Cache

Using Opera-11.00. The browser takes a long time to render each page, and from tcpdump it looks like it does at least a HEAD request for each of at least 40 elements (Javascript, CSS and icons). The main page has don't cache headers, but the rest appear to have a lifetime of at least 1 hour.

Mandatory Mail Alias

The mail composer wants to send from, but I need at least a Reply-To and preferably the actual From, saying

1 Minute Wait to Run SMTP Queue

If you submit a mail message when the queue is empty, Citadel will not ship it out immediately but rather will wait about 1 minute to run the queue. (Based on a sample size of 1 message.) This is not too unreasonable, but . . .