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Replacing My XMPP Server

James F. Carter <>, 2013-07-28

I upgraded my server hardware, and my XMPP server became inoperative despite a fair amount of work to revive it. I decided to abandon it, as I have had to do several times in the past, and to find new XMPP server software.


My requirements for XMPP are:

History and Wreckage

Here is a list of XMPP server software that I have used or tried. I started by looking at's list of server software. I rejected out of hand all of the non-free options, and several of the survivors were clearly unsuitable. Here is my history with the survivors. Non-tried alternatives are at the end. For some of the servers, the titles are links to more detailed pages about my experiences with them. Particularly see DJabberd.

These XMPP servers have not been tried yet. Many are clearly unsuitable for me.