Portrait of Jacinth
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Jim Carter, 2018-01-16
NUC6CAYH front view, and in its niche
Front of NUC6CAYH   NUC6CAYH in its Niche
Description Front of NUC6AYH, and its niche
Image filename 6CAYH-front.jpeg" and 6CAYH-niche.jpeg"
Original context Containing index page
Photographer James F. Carter
Date taken 2018-02-02
Copyright 2018 by James F. Carter
License Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License
NUC6CAYH rear view
Rear of NUC6CAYH
Description Rear of NUC6AYH
Image filename NUC6-Celeron-BACK.png
Original context https://www.simplynuc.com/nuc6cayh-intel-nuc-base-kit/
Metadata Photographer, date, etc. were not specified.
License No copyright on the image itself; however, the containing page is Copyright © SimplyNUC 2018
Portrait of Jacinth
Portrait of Jacinth
Description Sitting lioness, used as Jacinth's logo image
Image filename lioness-jacinth.jpg
Local modifications Cropped to 260x270px from 446x296px
Original context Cats.html
Image URL http://www.cs.virginia.edu/~gsw2c/images/afrique/cats/lioness.jpg
Photographer Glenn Wasson
Date taken 1999-09-01
Location Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Copyright None visible
License None visible
Portrait of Jacinth