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Samsung Galaxy S III
Upgrading to CM-10.1.3

Jim Carter, 2013-09-29

My last OS upgrade was almost a year ago, the first stable image of CyanogenMod-10.0.0 for d2vzw. Now I have some time to put into I.T. maintenance, and I have upgraded both my Android devices to version 10.1.3. This is the final version for 10.1.x based on Android 4.2, and the developers will now turn to CyanogenMod 10.2 based on Android 4.3 Hyper Jelly Bean. The next major release will be CyanogenMod 11 based on Android 4.4 KitKat.

Please refer to my writeup on upgrading my ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity to CM-10.1.3 for a discussion of the new image, what data I have to wipe (none), and what problems have been noted with this release.

A major goal in this upgrade is to install the current radio software, which according to Verizon tech support is I535 VRBMF1; currently installed is I535 VRLHE. On my recent trip to Europe I discovered that I could not get it into GSM mode. Given the unfortunately short lifetime of cellphones it is unlikely that I will be in non-USA GSM territory before getting a new pocket computer, but even so I want to get to the bottom of this interruption in my plans. See GSM Radio for possibly effective results.

In this forum post, InvisibleK (2014-09-14, updated 2013-05-12) posts a procedure to flash the radio and a link to a collection of flashable image fragments. He recommends flashing the radio, rpm and tz at the same time from an AIO bundle file. He posts a leaked document which says: is the AIO file I got. 20Mb.

Research detailed in the bloat page suggests that the tz component has nothing to do with timezones; rather it involves cryptography.

Procedure for Upgrade

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