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9.2.2 Quotes; 9.2.3 Subscripts

The Q inline element introduces a quotation. The specification says that the user agent (browser) should provide quotation marks around the quote; the document author shouldn't provide quote marks. Here's an inline quotation; does your browser provide the quote marks? Then, getting her priorities straight, she yawns widely, showing four tiny Smilodon fangs. She rolls over onto four feet and digs her cute little claws into the sodden paper and, presumably, the vinyl cover of the exercise mat. (From James F. Carter, Simba Leones, chapter 20.)

The following is a BLOCKQUOTE from the same source. It should be in a separate block with visually distinctive formatting, but should not have quotes since, so says the standard, there's a common but deprecated practice of using BLOCKQUOTE merely for the visual distinction, not for an actual quotation. You're supposed to use style effects for this, not BLOCKQUOTE.

Well, not exactly unimpeded. Wearing leather gloves I reach around Tiger's leg and pick Attila gently off and dunk her in the waiting water. As she slashes and snarls I rinse the birth fluids, skin waste and blood off her. Coyote has the camera pointed the right way; I hope it comes out. Quick as possible I dry her off, as she savages the margin of the towel with fangs and claws. I hope baths aren't this traumatic every day. Letting her stand four legged on my gloved palm, which she seems to identify as a spacious floor and not a slashable enemy, I return her to Tiger, still squatting, to the leg that she didn't soil previously. She nearly leaps to the infrared source, and after a hiss of rage over her shoulder she resumes her climb onto Tiger's body. She can smell the pocket; Tiger holds it open for her. She drops in and gives a little ``eep'' of pleasure. Mercurial, isn't she?

And normal paragraphs resume.

While HTML 4.0 does not have a really complete system for representing mathematical text, HTML does provide superscript and subscript inline tags. The font size is not automatically made smaller. Here are two examples, the first with SUP: r2 (r squared); the second with SUB: gij (g subscript i and j). Unfortunately the line-spacing is affected by the raised and lowered glyphs.

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