InetVote: Credits

James F. Carter, UCLA-Mathnet, 2004-10-10
The author of InetVote is James F. Carter, acting in his personal capacity and not as an agent of the Regents of the University of California.
Web Hosting
Web hosting for this demo was formerly generously provided by the Mathematics Department, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). It is now on James F. Carter's own server at
Web Page Construction
Web pages were crafted using the MicroEMACS editor. This is uEmacs/PK 4.0 as modified by Petri H. Kutvonen, based upon MicroEMACS 3.9e by Dave G. Conroy and greatly modified by Daniel M. Lawrence. Inspired by Emacs by James Gosling (1981) and greatly extended by Richard Stallman.
Scripting Language
Web CGI pages are written in PHP4. For a list of contributors to PHP, please see The software can be obtained from the same web site. The procedures demonstrated in this project are not language-specific; it should be possible to port InetVote to other languages such as Java or Active Server Pages, or even statically compiled code.
Database Engine
The database backend is SQLite by D. Richard Hipp. This is an embedded SQL database engine. The software can be obtained at While the embedded engine format is very advantageous for this kind of application, a standalone commercial or open-software database engine could be used instead.
The cryptographic infrastructure is OpenSSL, based upon SSLeay by Eric A. Young and Tim J. Hudson. Software and complete credits may be found at
Web Server
The web server is Apache-2, available at Credits and a history of the project can also be found there. Apache was chosen because it is excellent, not because InetVote is tied to specific features of the server.
Operating System Distribution
This software was developed on SuSE Linux version 9.1. Presently (as of 2016-06-05) it executes on OpenSuSE Linux Leap 42.1. Download the distro for free at While SuSE Linux is excellent, InetVote is not locked to any particular distro, nor in fact to any particular operating system.
Operating System
The Linux operating system was developed by Linus Torvalds with contributions from thousands of developers worldwide.
Windows Client Support
Client cryptographic support for OpenSSL on Microsoft® Windows® is through the Cygwin Linux API emulation DLL. The Cygwin site also has precompiled binaries for many Linux applications in addition to OpenSSL.