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Office Suite Evaluation: Presentation

Assignment: Make graphics for a summary of this document. I have never used a presentation product before, though I saw someone else use Microsoft PowerPoint once. So this is going to show what the various products can do for a new user.

The Windows competitor for presentations is Microsoft PowerPoint. Impress (screenshot)

The presenter is called Impress. The interface was fairly intuitive and I had no trouble to create the presentation. On a text page it is basically text-oriented; you can also show graphics, charts and spreadsheets. As with the Writer, when I exited from the program it complained of a non-obvious error. Tested under Gnome.

Resource usage: Installed size is unclear. File size 8.1 Kb, virtual 114 Mb, rss 43 Mb, CPU 5 secs (to open and show the presentation).

KDE: KPresenter (screenshot)

KPresenter is being run under Gnome. Its interface was different from OpenOffice, but once I read the help writeup I was able to use it. I chose the snazzy marbled background (not offered in OpenOffice). This presenter is very object-oriented, in that you create and move text objects, then put the text into them. It has a nice feature to reveal one point at a time in the slide, which I didn't see in OpenOffice. (Maybe it was there but I didn't read enough of the help to find it.) This presentation was successful.

Resource usage: Installed size 4.8 Mb, file size 72 Kb, virtual 71 Mb, rss 31 Mb, CPU 19 secs.


Gnome does not have its own presenter; the SuSE menu directs you to OpenOffice Impress.


The Opera web browser also has a full-screen mode for presenting HTML pages, in the same manner as one of the above presenters would show its result file. Opera, of course, does not have facilities to create the presentation.

Conclusion: Both presentation programs were effective and easy to use. Which you use will depend on which suite you go with.

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