SuSE 10.1 Deployment Plan

jimc, 2006-06-07

Several people tried to install SuSE 10.1, the post-beta public DVD image which was copied to Hollyfs, on various machines. Known attempts and status include:

Hung during post_jump
Disc blew up
Hung after phase 1 of post_jump
Thiele's laptop
Not sure; I think not satisfactory

We got the boxed set of SuSE 10.1 on 2006-06-02. Jimc immediately copied the DVD onto Hollyfs in the normal place. Over 06-03 .. 06-05 Jimc worked on a scheme for remote installation, following (but not exactly copying) instructions in various places on the web. Results so far:

Went through whole process up to final commit (at which point I aborted; this was from home)
Hung during boot.

It is now Wed 06-07. My plans for today are:

Academic Calendar:
06-09 Fri End of 10th week
12 .. 16 Finals week
19 .. 23 EOQ (reboot machines)
26 .. whenever Summer Session

Medium term plans. Likely there will be problems that prevent the schedule from being met exactly, but we need a framework like this so we can plan effort levels.

06-12 .. 06-16

All MCG machines converted to SuSE 10.1 and used. Evaluate desktop. Fix infelicities (continuing for considerable time).

06-19 .. 06-23

  1. Install 10.1 on all low-impact machines such as holly01..04.
  2. Check with Charlie about Bamboo; try to install on as many Bamboo nodes as possible. Make sure Sun Grid Engine continues to work.
  3. This is EOQ. If previous results were good, install 10.1 on production machines excluding homedir servers. These will have to be done one at a time, checking carefully that the machine continues to function in its assigned role.
    Bamboo01 Sun Grid Engine master site
    Harlech Security gateway
    Papyrus Printing can of worms; webmail
    Arachne Web server (Mathnet)
    Sumac Mail exchanger
    Hollyfs Installation server
    Sunset Master site (Mathnet)
    Malibu Master site (PIC)
    Laguna PIC homedirs, let's use them as guinea pigs
    Zuma Webserver (PIC)
    Testudo Backup server
    Ulanda Backup server
    [Spruce] Converted in previous weeks
06-26 .. 06-30

Continue installing v10.1 on Bamboo and production machines listed above.


Sell v10.1 to early adopters


Convert homedir servers to v10.1


Any machine not converted yet, gets converted.

To be thought about later: