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CompuLab fit-PC3

Jim Carter, 2013-07-19, updated 2014-02-18

Selecting the Machine -- Iris
Setting Up the New Machine Jacinth Iris
Checking Out Subsystems (Both)
Software Setup and Migration Jacinth Iris

I have two fit-PC3's called Jacinth and Iris. One is the Pro variant with an AMD G-T56N @1.6GHz; the other is the LP variant with an AMD G-T40E @1.0GHz. I also have two roles for them to do; the names go with the roles, not with the chassis.

I got the fit-PC3 Pro for the Jacinth role on about 2013-07-19. However it was rather overpowered for the home server role. I needed to replace my video playback machine, and so I purchased and set up a fit-PC3 LP, on 2014-02-18. Then I did a brain transplant so the LP chassis took the Jacinth role and the Pro chassis received the disc for the Iris role. Actually the fit-PC3 LP would have been sufficient for video playback, but this was not clear before purchase.

Photo credit for the head and foot image.

Rainbow Scenery