HTML Test Suite

James F. Carter, 1998-02-01

The HTML Test Suite provides sample material exercising all the tags in HTML 4.0 and many of the attributes on those tags. It is intended to aid a developer in debugging a User Agent (web browser) which presents documents written in HTML 4.0.

Section numbers on the pages correspond to the sections where the respective tags are described in the HTML 4.0 Specification from the WWW Consortium.

Document Structure
Textual Elements
Composite Elements

The list above will serve as a test of <A> elements (sect. 12.2).

For a presentation with nice sub-indices and navigation bars, see the Frames Test.

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The HTML Test Suite is copyright © 1999 by James F. Carter. It may be redistributed freely for any purpose provided that the author's copyright and this license shall remain intact in the copies.

James F. Carter

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