Gravitation in a Klein Bottle

James F. Carter, 1999-07-06

Every Hausdorff space has a Riemannian connection which is the potential of a conserved source. An 8-dimensional space in which four dimensions resemble a Klein bottle shows promise for uniting quantum mechanics and general relativity.

Section Index

  1. Introduction
  2. Notation and Definitions
  3. The Connection Derived from the Distance Function
  4. The Riemann-Christoffel Tensor
  5. The Exterior Derivative is Nilpotent
  6. Einstein's General Theory of Relativity
  7. Kodaira's Theorem
  8. An Analogy with Maxwell's Equations
  9. An Unsuccessful Simplification
  10. General Features of the Space
  11. Equations of Motion of the Connection
  12. Program for the Equations of Motion
  13. Trajectories in the Empty Space
  14. References and Juicy Quotations

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