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Dell Inspiron 400HD Zino
Subsystem Tests

Jim Carter, 2009-12-17


Box Worked out of the box, i.e. after a clean installation.
Conf It needed editing a configuration file or running a setup GUI.
Add-On Needed additional or patched software: download it; follow instructions to compile and install it; it works.
Fiddle As with Add-On, but it required some workarounds in the procedure, which might seem minor to an experienced user but which might prevent a newbie from making it work.
Hack So you call yourself a guru? This one will challenge your skills. But this guru eventually got it working.
Fail I wasn't able to get this one to work, at least so far.
N.T. Not tested.
* I'm using some special security procedures, which needed to be modified for OpenSuSE 11.2. Before that was done, the console user's session was being registered incorrectly so it could not mount removable devices. Once that was fixed, items marked '*' functioned according to their color background.

Checklist of Features

Item Vista Linux
Does it boot at all? Box Box
 Time, power button to greeter 51 sec 42 sec
 Time, greeter to desktop 16 sec 6 sec (twm)
 Time, desktop GUI to shutdown 21 sec 11 sec
OS Installation No prob No prob
Video (Radeon 3200HD) Box Box
 Linux: used radeonhd driver.
Hard disc (250Gb SATA) Box Box
Optical disc,
 Read data DVD Box Box
 Movie DVD N.T. Add-on
 Play music CD Box Conf
 Read data CD Box Box
 Write data CD N.T. Box
 Read check N.T. Perfect
 Write DVD N.T. N.T.
Flash card slot Box Box
Wired Ethernet Box Box
 IPv4 (dhcp) Box Box
 IPv6 (RFC 2462) Box Box
  http://ipv6.google.com and www.kame.net have their animated logo images, indicating that IPv6 was actually used. On Windows this was tested on both Firefox and MSIE-7.
 Microphone Box N.T.
 Rear output Conf Muted???
 Front output See below Box (dflt dev)
 Vista: moved headphone from rear to front, mixer said no device installed and there was no sound in front. Moved headphone to rear, still says no device installed, but sound is still playing there.
Processor Recognized Recognized
 Chipset Doesn't say AMD K8 IMC
CPU speed modulation N.T. Box
Suspend to RAM Box Conf
 Vista: only the keyboard will wake it, not mouse, not Wake on LAN.
 Linux: Until the whitelist for the s2ram program is updated, you will need to create a file /etc/pm/config.d/suspend (name is arbitrary) saying S2RAM_OPTS="-f -p -m" (shell syntax). Keyboard will not wake it; use the power button or Wake on LAN. 1 sec to sleep, 11 sec to wake; most of the time is for reconfiguring video.
Suspend to disc (hibernate) Not enabled? Box
 With XFCE, web browser, and normal accessories, Linux takes 11 secs until power goes off (with a cute picture of a sleeping penguin while copying the image) and 33 secs to wake up. The power button or Wake on LAN will wake it.
Wake on LAN Fail Some
 In BIOS setup you need to disable low power mode and enable Wake on LAN. With Linux it will wake from suspend (S3 and S4) but not from poweroff (S5) even though the NIC has power. I need to re-test Windows to see if it can wake from S3; I believe I tested this and it failed, but I'm not sure.
Random number generator N.T. Missing
 In Linux, my special security procedure prevented the console user from mounting hotplugged devices and CD/DVD media, until it was updated to get the session registration right on OpenSuSE 11.2.
 USB flash memory stick Box Box*
 Flash card slot Box Box*
 Data CD (internal drive) Box Box*
 External DVD drive N.T. N.T.

Software Tests

Item Vista Linux
Web browser MSIE-7 Firefox
 Vista: Browsertest, everything works except it only plays AVI, WAV, MP3 media formats.
 Linux: Browsertest, everyting works except it only plays Ogg multimedia formats. Need to re-test after installing movie codecs.
Play music from web WMP Sort of
 Linux: Firefox can play Ogg using Xine, but other formats are done with the Totem plugin, which is far from an out of the box experience.
Download and read PDF Acroread evince
Instant message N.T.Pidgin
 You need to add your accounts, of course.
Speed benchmarks:
 Windows Experience Index 3.4 --
 (Subscores: CPU 3.4, memory 4.9, graphics 5.1, 3D graphics 3.5, disc 5.9)
 Geekbench (overall) -- 1539
 Integer (ratio to Pentium III Coppermine 1.0GHz) 1.702
 Floating (matrix multiply, mflop/sec)
 Graphics 2D
 Graphics 3D
Ranitomeya dorisswansonae, Amazon poison dart frog