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Samsung Galaxy S5
Front and Back of the Samsung Galaxy S5

Jim Carter, 2012-10-23

In front, the speaker is at the top, to its right are holes for the proximity and ambient light sensors, and the front-facing camera is in the upper right (northeast) corner. The physical Home button is at the bottom, and the illuminated capacitive Recent and Back buttons are beside it. Recent is an improvement in Android-5.x Lollipop; see in Settings for how to change it back to a Menu key. In this image north is at the top, south bottom, east to the right, and west left.

In back, the main camera is at the top center, and below it are the LED flash and two other sensors probably involved with automatic focus. The rear (stereo) speaker is at the lower left (southeast, since we're looking from the rear). At the top left (northeast) a cutout for the wired headphone jack can just barely be seen, and the watertight door for the USB connector is at the bottom. The back is very dark gray with an elastomeric coating textured with dots.

The side images show both sides of the phone, left (west) with the volume rocker, and right (east) with the power button. Notice the metal trim strip around the phone, and remember the furor when this was introduced on the iPhone 5? It's got to be borrowed as an antenna, and if you get your hands all the way around it, your hands are poor as an antenna.
Front and Back of Galaxy S5