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Samsung Galaxy S5
Photo Gallery

Jim Carter, 2015-04-15

Here are a few photos that I took with the Galaxy S5. The full size images are web-unfriendly at 2048x1152px (typically 500Kb) or 2018x1920px (800 to 2300Kb); normally I would resize them to 1024x768px and/or crop them, but the point here is to let people assess the image quality. Click on each thumbnail image to see a full-page version.

Orchid, 50cm CM camera, 50cm distance, indoor daylight 320 lux.
Orchid, 10cm (A) CM camera, 10cm distance, 320 lux, wobbly hand support, image stabilization was ineffective.
Orchid, 10cm (B) CM camera, 10cm distance, 320 lux, steady hand support.
Orchid, 5cm CM camera, 5cm distance, 320 lux, steady hand support. Give it time to find the scene features that it's going to auto focus on. This distance is a bit too close for it to handle.
Orchid, back focus CM camera, 70cm distance, 320 lux,eady hand support. I clicked on the screen to direct it to focus on the more distant yellow flowers, leaving the foreground flowers blurred.
Orchid, 10cm (C) Open Camera, 10cm distance, 320 lux, wobbly hand support, image stabilization was ineffective in this one too. Also note that the colors are better with the CM camera.
Equipment, flash Open Camera, 110cm distance, flash. Resolution is pretty good: the font in the brand name Inspiron is 4mm high, 0.2 degrees, 12 arc minutes. The nominal resolution of the human eye is 1 arcmin, which would be the size of one pixel in the font. The whole scene is 84x66cm or 44x34 degrees.
Equipment, 39 lux Open Camera, 110cm distance, 39 lux. Resolution is clearly not as good as with flash, likely due to hand jitter, but is pretty good even so.
Pond, 13k lux Open Camera, about 1 meter range, 13k lux (cloud cover). The water drops in the fountain jets are successfully stopped.
Jacaranda against sky Open Camera, about 10 meter range, 23k lux (cloud cover). This picture of the jacaranda tree against the sky is very hard to get right, and if you zoom the image you can see that the blue flowers appear in their proper color and lighted as seen by eyeball.