Otter: Portrait of Selen
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Sony Xperia XA2 (2020)
Photo Gallery

Jim Carter, 2020-02-07

Here are a few photos that I took with the Sony Xperia XA2 Pioneer. This camera has steroidal resolution, The full size images are web-unfriendly at 5984x3376px (stock) or 5520x4144px (OpenCamera), and by default they are typically compressed (JPEG) to 11MiB (16%, stock) or 3.4MiB (4.9%, JPEG quality setting of 75%, OpenCamera). Aggressiveness of compression can be adjusted. Normally I would resize them to 1024x768px, but the point here is to let people assess the image quality. Even so, to reduce server-client load I have cropped these images to keep just the most relevant parts. They were exported as JPEG with 75% quality level. But I didn't change the resolution. Click on each thumbnail image to see the full-size version, in which you will need to use your browser's scrollbars to see the whole image.

Yellow flowers

Flowers, lots of color and detail, varying shade and light. Sony stock app. 2536x2456px, 1.46MiB.

Gazania flowers

Gazania flowers, lots of color and detail. Sony stock app. 3591x1194px, 1.33MiB.

Succulent Flowers

Magenta flowers on some kind of succulent. Sony stock app. 3591x1194px, 1.33MiB.

Shaded Hedge

Hedge shaded by trees; assess dynamic range. Sony stock app. 3211x1683px, 1.21MiB.

Poppies and Succulent

Poppies next to succulent flowers. Sony stock app. 880x512px, 113kiB.

Dappled Shade

Ground flowers in dappled shade. Sony stock app. 3160x2488px, 1.23MiB.


Camellia in outdoor shade Sony stock app. 2936x2760px, 0.69MiB.

Dark Closet

Jacket sleeve in dark closet, with flash. Sony stock app. 2856x2288px, 256KiB.

Text (Ambient)

Text 12 arcmin high, lighted by ambient LED lamps. Sony stock app. 776x632px, 55.0KiB.

Text (Flash)

Text 12 arcmin high, with flash. Sony stock app. 784x552px, 43.9KiB.

Cherry Blossoms (#1)

Cherry tree in bloom. LineageOS, OpenCamera, 2040x2408px, 0.91MiB.

Cherry Tree and Clouds

Cherry tree with clouds in the background. LineageOS, OpenCamera, 2008x2264, 0.80MiB.

Otter: Portrait of Selen
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