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Sony Xperia XA2 (2020)
Upgrading to LOS-17

Jim Carter, 2020-02-07

LineageOS-17.1 is based on Android-10 Quiche.

Before doing this upgrade I'm going to do a TWRP backup, depositing the result on partition 2 of my SD card. Steps:

I have a modest amount of confidence that the backup can be restored and will work, unlike confidence and experience with other backup methods.

I/you also need to back up user content in /data (/storage/emulated/0) using my/your normal procedure. This content is not included in the TWRP backup. Aargh, the backup bloated up to 2.30Gb from 0.39Gb and took 35min vs 4min. Probably one of my various backup attempts that won't be restorable.

Now for the upgrade. Read the version-to-version upgrade instructions first. They are almost but not quite identical to the instructions for installing LOS over a stock image. Here's a summary adjusted for jimc's situation:

So what have I noticed that's new in LOS-17.1?

Tidbit: someone in a forum post mentioned adbfs. You connect to the phone with adb, then run adbfs which uses FUSE to mount your phone on a specified host mountpoint, similar to sshfs. A prime use case is backups. It's available on SBS: adbfs FUSE Filesystem for Android Debugger. (It's a community package.) adbfs-rootless by spion is the Github repo for the source code.

Growl! Night Clock is out of action, no way to open the menu to set alarms.

Repeating Checkout

Repeating the checkout tests:

So what's going on with the GPS? These apps have permission to use location:

Settings - Location - Advanced - Google Location Accuracy: It says it may use Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and (other?) sensors to estimate the location. If you turn this off, it only uses GPS, resulting in low accuracy if GPS is not actually available. Spot testing with this off: did not bring GPS Status back to life. I also tried turning the Location master switch off. This resulted in no satellites at all being shown by GPS Status.

Although GPS Status (actually the Location daemon) has AGPS data, suppose it requires a real Almanac from the satellites. Let's run it for half an hour and see if anything improves. No, GPS Status is still trying to turn the locations of the 23 satellites into a fix.

At the exact same time and location, the old Galaxy S5 took 303 secs. It needed to get new AGPS data (54 days old) and a new ephemeris. It found 4 or 5 satellites fairly quickly, but after five minutes it finally got the whole constellation, and promptly delivered a fix. This shows that GPS has not been disabled as a part of the USA's response to COVID-19.

In the Launcher (Home) Settings, these items were present in LOS-16.0 but not in 17.1: Grid size, Change icon shape (it's now fixed as circles).

Re-Activating Magisk

Redoing Installing Magisk…, possibly with modifications. Here's what I actually did.

Infinite loop while booting:

  • It took 6 to 7 hours to run down the battery.
  • I put it on charge (connect USB cable) for a few minutes. The indicator light came on red (not too dim), and an icon of a battery with a narrow red stripe appeared, obviously meaning it's discharged. After about 5min, it showed the lock your bootloader screen, the Sony screen, then an animated battery icon for 10sec.
  • I took it off charge and pressed the power button. It did not vibrate. Charging for 5min more.
  • This time it did vibrate. Boot animation appeared. After about 150sec it paused for about 20sec, then resumed.
  • After about 24min it ran the battery down again and the screen went black. This attempt to reboot has failed.

    Trying to reinstall LOS-17.1:

    Android Settings: http://localhost/~jimc/hardware/sam-galaxy-s5/settings.shtml In addition to the steps in the above URL, or supplementing them, I set these:

    Apps in the pristine state, from LOS and Google Apps (there are a lot more in /system/apps).

    Tidbit: Announcement of LineageOS-17.0 for Pioneer (OP LuK1337, 2019-10-08). See particularly the Reporting Bugs section. Specifically you can turn off SELinux by running setenforce 0 from a root shell, and enforcement actions are logged in /data/misc/audit/audit.log . Later in the discussion, LuK1337 says he tried the then-prevailing Magisk and it worked for him.

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