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Sony Xperia XA2 (2020)
Installing LineageOS 18.1

Jim Carter, 2020-02-07

Currently (2021-06-30), Selen has LineageOS 17.1. It needs to get upgraded to 18.1, which has been out for several months. The update nanny checks periodically (every few days) and notifies you when a new minor revision comes out, or you can launch it from Settings-System-Advanced-Updater (all items are at the bottom of their containers).

According to the Info link, the updater cannot install this version because it can't do major version upgrades. See the Pioneer upgrade page for instructions. Jimc's notes (with supplements) on the procedure:

Checkout and Cleanup

Checking the Apps

Well, given how slow the download is going, I'm going to check out user apps now. These are everything in the app drawer. (There are core apps that are not launchable by the user, which are not going to get tested.) 82 launchable apps + 15 infrastructure, 97 total. Legend of decorations:

To-do list for the apps:

GPS Problems Fixed

After the upgrade to Android-10 (LOS-17.1) and continuing into the upgrade to Android-11 (LOS-18.1), my various GPS apps have stopped working, excepting Google Maps (which may be using cell tower tricks).

Conclusion first: There's nothing wrong with the GPS apps or with the Location service component that handles GPS. Probably starting with Android-10, the GPS driver has become more picky about signal strength, and when signals are poor, as on the ground floor of a house, the GPS lock drops out or is never established. When the ionospheric gods smile on us, GPS works just fine.

Here's an intervention that was helpful for Jimc. GPS not working with Android 10 (on Reddit), OP davalf, about 2020-02-xx. All his apps can't get a GPS lock. None of the usual interventions helped. So there's apparently an app called GPS Locker in the Play Store. Disable mobile data, run the app, then reenable mobile data. (Jimc got a good result without monkeying with mobile data.) But it keeps GPS running, hence eats battery.

I tried gps locker by SilentLexx UA (ad supported, $1.99 to lose the ads). A competitor, which I didn't try, is GPS Connected by Diogo Ferreria. It has a nice display of the signal strength per satellite. By holding open the connection to Location Service, it causes that service to maintain state and therefore to quickly :-) get back a lost GPS lock, assuming enough signal.

Numerous forum posters report interventions whose major component seems to be clearing data (cache included) of the Location service, now called Fused Location in Android-11. But GPS doesn't stay fixed. This is the best of these posts:

On XDA-Developers, OP gigaboss (2019-09-28) says, ever since I updated my phone [to Android-10] the GPS is not working… Respondent noobly_dangers had a similar issue but fixed it like this: Go to Settings-Apps&Notifications-See all. Click the traffic light (3 dots) in the upper right corner, tell it to show system apps. Click on Location Services. [It's Fused Location in Android-11.] Force stop, and clear cache and storage for this app. Reboot the phone. He thinks cached Android-9 data was messing it up.

Jimc tried this in LOS-18.1 (Android-11): it revived GPS and lasted about 14 hours, just in time for me to try to run my Jog Tracker app and fail. On the first try after you clear data, it will take about 30sec to the first fix because it has to download the ephemeris.

Here's another intervention: Samsung Support: What to do when GPS is hosed (2020-11-03) (title paraphrased). Among many interventions not relevent to this problem, this one looked useful: Settings-Location-App Permissions. Select each wanted app and set it to Allow All The Time.

Jimc's experience with this fix in Android-11: Use Location should be on. Click on App Access to Location for a list of all of them; there's also a list of recent culprits. Some including Google Maps have permission to use location at all times. Others have permission only when using the app. Click on an app. You can downgrade permissions, but can't upgrade them. Jimc found that fiddling with permissions did not bring GPS Status back to life.

Installing the Minor Update

Open Settings-System-Advanced-Updater. Hit refresh if nothing is shown. Pick a version, normally the latest one, and hit Download. The first time I tried this it was glacial, taking 2hr, but the next version came in much faster, 3min. The downloaded instance is now marked Install. Click the button. Confirm doing the update. It will do the installation in the background. There's a progress bar on the settings page, plus a notification (if you close the settings app). Installation took about 7min; it wants to reboot. It took about 150sec to reboot (which is usual; it's recompiling Java bytecode). There's a post-install phase when the phone finishes rebooting, 30 to 60sec, all in the background; there's a notification for it. Total elapsed time was about 10min. Remember to delete the downloaded file after installation; the updater's item will have a Delete button.

Otter: Portrait of Selen
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