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6.5 Colors

HTML 4.0 has several formats for specifying colors, and sixteen predefined color names. Here are samples of all of them, starting with the predefined names. In each case the background color of the cell has been set with the deprecated BGCOLOR attribute.
In Monochrome In Color RedGreenBlue
Black Black 0%0%0%
Silver Silver 75%75%75%
Gray Gray 50%50%50%
White White 100%100%100%
Maroon Maroon 50%0%0%
Red Red 100%0%0%
Purple Purple 50%0%50%
Fuchsia Fuchsia 100%0%100%
Green Green 0%50%0%
Lime Lime 0%100%0%
Olive Olive 50%50%0%
Yellow Yellow 100%100%0%
Navy Navy 0%0%50%
Blue Blue 0%0%100%
Teal Teal 0%50%50%
Aqua Aqua 0%100%100%
Yellow (#ffff00)Yellow (#ffff00) 100%100%0%
Purple (#808) Purple (#808) 50%0%50%
Peach (rgb(100%,75%,75%)) Peach (rgb(100%,75%,75%)) 100%75%75%
Orange (rgb(255,100,0)) Orange (rgb(255,100,0)) 100%39%0%

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