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Koolu Thin Client
What Is a Koolu?

Jim Carter, 2007-12-16

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Koolu Front and Back
Koolu Front and Back
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Koolu's primary mission is to provide thin client hardware to business clients and to consult with them to get the client-server model working. I didn't do much research into their recent history, but their web page indicated that recently they have had a business model realignment such that their hardware is now made by First International Computer under the name Mini PC Ion A603, and this product may soon be sold under the Everex brand name in North America.

The Ion A603 as provided by Koolu includes these subsystems:

Other vendors sell this product also, or at least vendors' photos appear identical, but the configurations and shipping contingencies seemed to me to be less favorable than Koolu's.

The Koolu hardware is priced in Canadian Dollars. Payment at the online store is handled by Paypal, and they take American credit cards (as well as Paypal accounts); currency conversion will be handled by the card company for a small fee.

Unfortunately when I decided to buy the Koolu they were serving what their website described as a large order that would cause shipment delays by up to five weeks. Indeed, it took four weeks for them to ship my machine, but it did arrive. It's good that they keep their website updated with current company information.

Shipping to the USA is by Xpresspost USA, a service of Canada Post. Last kilometer delivery is by the United States Postal Service. They delivered quicker than their service standards, in 5 calendar days or 3 business days. A signature is required for delivery. Somehow, even with NAFTA, international shipping is always either expensive or outrageous; this service is one of the more reasonable ones.