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Google Pixel 5a (2022)

Jim Carter, 2022-04-17
(Click on images for larger view) Google Pixel 5a 'Barbet' (2022)
Google Pixel 5a (front)

Google Pixel 5a (rear)

My Sony Xperia XA2 cellphone worked well for me for two years. But it doesn't do 5G, and neither does it do advanced 4G (LTE) stuff like VoLTE (voice over LTE); rather, voice is on 3G (HSPA etc). My carrier, T-Mobile in Los Angeles, is at last rolling out 5G, and it's getting the spectrum to do this by cannibalizing 2G and 3G. This means that the Xperia XA2 is going to be unable to do voice starting 2022-07-01. Therefore I need a new pocket computer.

I replaced it with a Google Pixel 5a barbet, running LineageOS-19 based on Android-12L Strudel, the latest version. See the selection page. This phone does 5G and 4G (LTE) with VoLTE, compatible with what T-Mobile will be providing. So far it's been performing well.

The Google Pixel product line chassis are named after fish, and the Pixel 5 is called the redfin. The Pixel 5a follows that theme: barbet is a fragment of rouget barbet (French), or red mullet (English).

Here is more information about the Google Pixel 5a.

Otter: Portrait of Selen
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