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Dell Inspiron 6000d

James F. Carter <>, 2005-03-30 (updated 2005-12-10)

Here are the configuration options for my Dell Inspiron 6000d at the time I ordered it. Dell adjusts offerings, particularly freebies, from time to time. Please see Dell's web site for current prices. Links on most of the section titles take you to a detailed discussion of each subsystem. For a physical description of the machine, see here.

Basic configuration

Three variants of the Inspiron 6000 were offered: a Celeron processor, a Pentium-M with Intel integrated graphics, and a Pentium-M with an ATI Radeon M300, referred to as the 6000d. I chose the latter.


The basic Pentium-M is a type 715 (1.5 GHz) with a 400 MHz front-side bus; I got the upgrade to the type 730 (1.6 GHz) with a 533 MHz FSB.


The Radeon M300 is similar to the X300 but for laptops. It comes with 64 MB video RAM and can be upgraded to 128 MB, which I did not do.


Available resolutions are 1280x800 WXGA, 1680x1050 WSXGA, and 1920x1200 WUXGA. I got the 1680x1050 version.


The basic memory is 256 MB of DDR2 SDRAM, one DIMM. This is 400 MHz memory; there is no option to upgrade it to 533 MHz if you have the faster FSB. Dell is notorious for this. When I ordered, there was a promo of free double memory (two DIMMs), which I accepted.

Hard disc

The basic configuration has a 30 GB disc; there are upgrades to 40, 60 and (I think) 80 GB. The 40 GB disc is basic for the 6000d. That's what I got.

Optical disc

The basic optical disc is an 8X DVD reader (also reads CDs). You can upgrade relatively cheaply to a 24X CD burner with DVD reading capability (follow the link to see measured speeds), or not so cheaply to a DVD burner. I got the 24X CD burner. Follow the link for an important driver patch and a discussion of DMA issues.

Wireless network

Wireless is optional (but recommended by jimc). You can get the Intel Pro/Wireless 1350 chip (802.11b, 11 MHz), the 2200 (802.11b or g, 54 MHz), or the 2915 (802.11b, g or a, 54 MHz). Since my home infrastructure is all 802.11b I planned to get the 1350 chip, but the 2200 was a promotional upgrade, and that's what I got. Follow the link for measured speed comparisons.


The basic battery has six cells, 53 watt-hours. I took the upgrade to 9 cells, 80 watt hours.

Power converter

An automotive (12v) and aircraft power converter is offered; some aircraft supply 12v at each seat. I got one of these for the Inspiron 4100, but I found that I used it less than expected. Specifically, I have never flown in an airplane that had the feature. Also my car has a built-in 120VAC converter. So I decided not to get the 12v converter. (Unfortunately the power connectors for the 4100 and 6000d are different so the old converter can't be used.)


The warranty or maintenance contract is one of the more expensive line items on the machine, and you should review the terms carefully and choose wisely. I bought the three-year warranty with at-home service. 24/7 coverage is a luxury that can be omitted. The Complete Care insurance (promotional inclusion, when I bought my machine) covers many perils but not the biggest threat to a laptop: theft. Your homeowner's insurance should cover theft, but there may be a special provision for electronic devices, and there will be a deductible which a prudent homeowner will set high. Review your policy's terms.

Additional items

Dell offers a plethora of Windows software (none of which I would be using), bags, music players, printers, projectors, training courses, and other high-profit items, none of which I bought.

Introduction Configuration Subsystems Installation Recommendations