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Dell Inspiron 6000d

James F. Carter <>, 2005-03-30 (updated 2005-12-10)

This is a plan for efficiently setting up the new Dell Inspiron 6000d when it arrives. Where relevant, my notes on the procedure have been included. Much of this material is not specific to the 6000d, applying to any upgrade of hardware or the distro version.

Here is a list of critical (and not-so-critical) features that I want to be working, in approximate order of importance.

The old laptop is named Xena. It has a permanently assigned IP address on the home wireless network, which it obtains by DHCP, because it also regularly operates on foreign nets. The new machine will be called Orion, but once it is ready for production use, Xena and Orion will exchange identities, i.e. IP addresses and host keys.

We need to decide what we're going to do with old machine. In particular, how much work should be done to make it functional on the CouchNet? Does it need its own host certificates and keys? If it's just going to be donated or sold, it should not get keys that will just have to be made to go away later.

Here are the planned steps:

Introduction Configuration Subsystems Installation Recommendations