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Asus Transformer Pad Infinity
Upgrading to CyanogenMod 10.2.0

Jim Carter, 2013-12-31

This is the last CyanogenMod version based on Android-4.3 Super Jelly Bean and should be considered a bugfix release. I upgraded both the TF700T (Mica) and the Galaxy S III (Selen) in parallel.

Application Checkout

(Legend: NT = not tested; NI = not installed; WT = wimpy test.)

App Mica
Gal S3
Kitchen Timer OK OK Simple app, easy to test
Jota+ OK OK Text editor
Phone tester OK OK Testing sensors. Selen's Z acceleration is out of calibration, all others are reasonable.
Firefox OK OK Both machines can authenticate by presenting my X.509 user certificate. Functioning web browser indicates that the wireless network is OK.
WiFi Analyzer OK OK On Mica there was a problem in v10.1.3, now apparently fixed.
Play Store OK OK See the note below about data corruption on Mica
Phone NI OK Voice chat: Selen can originate and receive calls. Mica has no cell modem. See the note above about replacing your desktop icon.
Messaging NI OK SMS (text messages); Selen can send; receiving not tested, partner's fault.
GPS Status OK OK
Google Maps OK OK (including GPS)
Google Search OK OK
People OK OK Syncing was not tested.
Calendar OK OK CalDAV Sync to ownCloud was tested and works on both.
Gallery OK OK
Camera OK OK
Barcode Scanner OK OK
Bluetooth (Settings) NT OK Does headphone connect? Yes.
Apollo OK See note below about shuffle mode.
ES File Explorer OK OK
Kingsoft Office WT OK On Mica I haven't created any documents to test with.
Amazon Kindle OK OK
Science Magazine OK NI
Host Access Point NT OK Can only test on Selen; Mica has no alternate route.
StrongSwan OK OK Mica talks from the wild side via Selen's AP.
Dropbear OK OK Accepts RSA authentication.
VX ConnectBot OK OK Key agent works.
AndroidVNC OK NI
Xabber OK OK
Skype Not tested yet.
CIFSManager NT NT Skipped test.
RealCalc OK OK
Night Clock OK OK
Clock Sync OK OK
Battery status Wacked OK 7 seconds on battery?? Broken on Mica in v10.1.3, not improved in 10.2.0.

A nasty little app problem on Mica (but not Selen): The Play Store (Android Market) app reported error RPC:S-3 when trying to update an app. Forum postings suggested that corrupt data may be the problem. My combination of destructive steps was to force stop Play Store and clear its data. Didn't cure the problem. Then I removed my Google account and re-added it. That did cure the problem. However, the default is to auto-update all apps. Make sure to get into Play Store's settings and clear that option, before fixing the error, if you cleared app data.

Before the upgrade, Apollo decided to start shuffling all my playlists, which is a no-no for classical music. How do I turn it off? Thanks to my skill in Dungeons and Dragons (and a forum post from darkierawr, 2012-05-27), I learned that if you swipe the player controls (bottom row) to the left, the shuffle and repeat icons will be revealed. An icon in blue is activated; in white is disabled. Swipe right to bring back the normal play-pause-skip controls. This behavior occurs when the track title is being shown, as on an index page. If you click on the track title it will show you a track-specific page, and there is room for all the icons at once.

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