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ASUS Transformer Infinity

Jim Carter, 2013-06-15

What software types do I particularly want on my tablet, and which specific apps will be best?


The ideal is to use my own Teddy on the tablet. This, however, will require a lot of development and installation, so at least at first I will get an app written by someone else. The ideal is at least 2 windows visible at the same time. What I'll probably get is multiple mutually exclusive tabs.

DroidEdit: See this Review by Jack Wallen dated 2013-05-07. Key features are:

But it's ad supported. For USD $1.99 you get:

Quirks to remember: The file menu may disappear on some tablets; you may need to suppress the condensed action bar. This problem is not seen on the TF700T in CyanogenMod-10.1.

On the Samsung Galaxy SIII my normal editor is Jota+ by Jiro of Aquamarine Networks. This works well also on the TF700T. ES File Explorer also includes a viewer and lightweight editor for text files, as does the File Manager that comes with CyanogenMod-10.1.

Linux Incubus

How can I run real Linux on the Android device? It turns out that there's an app for that:

N Best Android Tablet Apps

This is a synthesis of quite a lot of best apps articles. The majority of the recommended apps are totally useless for me, but a few are worth investigating.

Familiar Apps

This is a list of key apps from my smartphone that I will also want on the tablet.

Stock Image Apps

This is a list of apps on the stock image, and their disposition. Almost all will be either abandoned or reinstalled from scratch.

CyanogenMod and Google Apps

These are the apps included with CyanogenMod-10.1 and Google Apps (2013-03-01). It's hard to identify authoritatively which are Google's, though some of them are pretty obvious semantically. The TF700T is Wi-Fi only and does not have a cellular modem, so it has no phone app.

Apps to Install During Setup

Here is a list of the apps that I want to install, from the Android Market (Play Store).

Software Needing Special Handling

Some unplanned additions:

These apps have competitors and I should look carefully at what's available and maybe switch.

Specific issues for which I hope to find an app:

Miscellaneous Apps Installed on CyanogenMod

Password Storage

Here is a list of software which has my personal password configured in an easily stealable form, that needs to follow password changes on my UNIX account.

These apps are often used with a stored personal password, but I avoided the need to do so.

These apps store a password that differs from my UNIX password.

Details about Particular Apps

How to Use VX ConnectBot

Xabber: How to Connect

WiFi Tether

This is intrinsic to CyanogenMod, starting possibly in version 7. Go to Settings, the first section (Wireless and Network), hit More and it's the third item. Click it to get to a page where you can configure it and then turn it on.

The tether is kind of useless on the tablet, which has no uplink possibilities, but I've used it extensively on my Samsung Galaxy SIII, letting the tablet connect to it, to test authentication and VPN tunnels coming in from the wild side. It doesn't eat battery too badly.

Bluetooth OBEX Push

At last I have software that can do OBEX Push. To pair two devices. as you would need to do with a friend's pocket computer, do this (some of it is from memory):

Once the devices are paired (and Bluetooth is running and they are in range of each other), use this procedure to transfer an object using OBEX Push. The recipient's Bluetooth should be running before the object is sent.

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