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Asus Transformer Pad Infinity
Setting Up CyanogenMod

Jim Carter, 2013-06-15

Setup After Upgrading

A separate page tells how to install CyanogenMod.

These notes are very specific to jimc's preferences and configuration, but other readers can get an idea of the procedure which I've found to be efficient.

Setup Wizard

Basic Settings

Next step is to set a few settings to make the UI a little less annoying while you restore your apps and data. Hit Menu - Settings and pick:

Normally I would restore apps and data at this point, but to keep the documentation more organized I'm listing the non-basic settings first:

Setting the Settings

Now that the apps are restored it's time to set the rest of the settings. The current version of CM9 has fewer settings than CM7 (Gingerbread) had, and likely some of those will be brought forward in future versions. I've tagged these CM7 in these notes. Also, I'm listing only settings that I changed, with only a few exceptions.

  • Device Section:

  • Personal Section:

  • Accounts and Sync

  • System Settings


    Find Wallpaper in the Device-Display section; you can also get to this menu by long pressing in the home screen background, or it's on the Menu key's menu (if one has a Menu key). For CM7 I picked Cyanogen wallpapers #2, the skating droid on colored shale. In CM-10 I kept the default, called Phase Beam from Live Wallpapers.

    Here are a few of the wallpapers available in CM-10.1:

    I think the included wallpapers are mostly the same as in CM-10. This time I'm trying out the Spider. My wife refuses to have an arachnid crawling around like that. WAF is important. Reverting to CyanogenMod wallpaper Not Quite Mono.

    Here's the procedure (for CM7) to use an externally generated picture, specifically android-2.1/packages/apps/Launcher/res/drawable-hdpi/wallpaper_ sunset.jpg (or any version that I have from 1.5 to 2.3):

    My Desktop Icons -- Mica

    The controls for the desktop (home screen, window manager, Trebuchet) used to be mixed with the general settings, but in CyanogenMod-11.x you get to them by long-pressing in the desktop background (or the menu key if you have one). It shows you an icon of a house, at the top; press this to make the current page the default one. At the bottom are icons for setting wallpaper, widgets and themes. In the center is a cluster of 3 small dots. Click on the dots to open the settings menu. The default scroll effects are actually decent, and None is not really none; you can leave it on None. My major change was to disable the ubiquitous and annoying Google search bar. Click the dots again to close this menu.

    On the phone (Selen) I use a 4x4 array of icons. On the tablet (Mica) I use 5x8. The default spacing of Comfortable works out; Crammed puts them too close together.

    To create a new page, put an app icon or widget on the rightmost existing page and drag it off the right margin. This also works directly from the app drawer. To make a page disappear, including interior pages, remove (or relocate) all icons on it.

    I'm trying to use a similar layout on both Mica and Selen. The bottom row of special icons are phone (vacant on Mica), app drawer, and Firefox. I've set 3 pages of icons. On MIca they are in the upper right 4x4 region and a photo or widget (3x3 or 3x4) goes on the vacant left side. I'm using the Simple Photo Widget. The provided Photo Widget (part of Gallery) is fine except that you have to crop the picture and let it store the cropped version, and when you go to change to a different photo, I can't get Gallery to finish, i.e. you pick the photo and then what?

    Page 0 (Left): Photo of otter snoozing.
    -- -- Thermostat H.E. Net Tools
    -- -- -- --
    Air Control Mahjongg -- --
    Andoku Lexic Solitaire (DSP)
    Page 1 (Center): Photo of standing otter
    -- Tasks -- Phone Tester
    ClockSync Camera Gallery Barcode Scanner
    Kitchen Timer Amazon Kindle -- Apollo
    Night Clock Jota+ Text Edit Maps by Google --
    Page 2 (Right): Clock/Weather (3x3)
    StrongSwan OpenVPN Set Wifi Analyzer GPS Status
    -- Xabber Google Sch Play Store
    VX ConnectBot Dropbear SSH aCalendar People
    ES File Mgr WPS Office RealCalc CadreBible
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