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CompuLab Fit-PC3
Subsystem Checkout

Jim Carter, 2014-02-18

When the new machines were received, I checked out these features. In summary, every one of the features that the machines were supposed to have, performed with no hassle out of the box.

In the table below, the faster machine with the AMD G-T56N is identified as Jacinth, and the one with the G-T40E is called Iris. However there is a plan afoot to exchange the roles and names via a brain transplant, so in future years don't be surprised if Jacinth has the G-T40E.


Box Worked out of the box.
Conf It needed editing a configuration file or running a setup GUI.
Add-On Needed additional or patched software: download it; follow instructions to compile and/or install it; it works.
Fiddle As with Add-On, but it required some workarounds in the procedure, which might seem minor to an experienced user but which might prevent a newbie from making it work.
Hack So you call yourself a guru? This one will challenge your skills. But this guru eventually got it working.
Fail I wasn't able to get this one to work, at least so far.
N.T. Not tested.
* A prerequisite did not qualify for the Box or Conf rating, but once that was set up, the listed component worked with no further hassle.

Checklist of Features

Item fit-PC3 Pro fit-PC3 LP
Does it boot at all? Box Box
 Yes, it boots the installer and the installed kernel with no problems. This is OpenSuSE-11.4 and 13.1.
Processor (by AMD) G-T56N G-T40E
  Cores (no hyperthread for AMD) 2 2
  Technology K10, 65nm K10, 65nm
  Maximum clock speed 1.65GHz 1.0GHz
  Minimum clock speed 0.825GHz 0.8GHz
  Bogomips 3300 2000
  Jimc's benchmark (Mb/sec) 38.0 26.9
  MPEG-2 playback, CPU% 46% 58%
Graphics: ATI/AMD Radeon … HD 6320 HD 6250
  Specifically the HDMI ports were used on both machines; the monitors have 1920x1200px. Both can perform MPEG-2 and H.264 encoded 1080p media with no problems: adequate CPU reserve and no dropped frames. This relies on GPU decoding.
Memory Box Box
  Memory parameters reported by memtest86+ and /proc/meminfo:
  L1 Cache size 32Kb 32Kb
  L1 Cache speed (Mb/sec) 17010 10309
  L2 Cache size (per core?) 512Kb 512Kb
  L2 Cache speed (Mb/sec 6203 3759
  Total RAM 4Gb 4Gb
  Main RAM speed (Mb/sec) 2879 2036
  Video RAM reservation 512Mb 512Mb
Disc Box Box
  • On Jacinth: Seagate Momentus 2.5in 500Gb 7200RPM SATA, model ST9500423AS.
  • On Iris: Seagate Momentus 1 TB 5400RPM SATA 3Gb/s 8 MB Cache 2.5-Inch Internal Notebook Hard Drive, model STBD1000100.
LAN Box Box
  Realtek RTL8168 gigabit ethernet (IEEE 802.3). r8169 driver. Our net is limited to 100Mbit/sec.
Wi-fi N.T. N.T.
  The wireless card comes with my configuration of both machines, but I haven't tested it in access point (hostap) mode, rather using an external NIC with Atheros chipset.
Bluetooth Box N.T.
  Bluetooth (Realtek RT8273 on USB, with WiFi on PCI) was tested only on Jacinth. Pairing worked the first time, following standard procedures for the device (wireless mouse).
Audio Box Box
  • Analog stereo codec: tested and works on both machines.
  • S/PDIF on HDMI: tested and works on the fit-PC3 Pro.
  • Microphone: not tested on either machine.
USB ports Box Box
  3 OHCI/EHCI buses, 12 or 480 Mbit/sec, 1 XHCI bus, capable of USB-3.0 at 5Gbit/sec. 2 XHCI ports in rear, 2 EHCI ports in rear, 4 in front on the Face module.
Special Features
  Auto boot when power returns Box Box
  Wake on LAN Box Box
  Wake on realtime clock Box Box
  Watchdog (present but not tested)
  PXE boot (present but not tested)
Suspend and Wake Box Box
  Most items were tested on both machines.
  • It will suspend to S3 (memory) and S4 (disk).
  • Suspend to S4 takes 8 secs until power off. Suspend to S3 is instant.
  • It wakes from S3 in 2 secs on LAN, USB, RTC (realtime clock).
  • It wakes from S4 in about 30 secs on LAN, USB, RTC.
  • It wakes from S5 on LAN and RTC (of course not USB).
  • Onboard devices including graphics can suspend and wake successfully.
  • The Hauppauge HTV-950q and 1950 TV capture devices (USB) do not suspend cleanly to S4, and prevent sleeping in S3. Unloading drivers gives partial relief but a satisfactory workaround has not yet been found.
Power consumption, includes 1W fan    
  Maxed out, both cores 29W 17W
  Maxed out, one core 25W 16W
  Playing MPEG-2 1080p video 24W 17W
  Idle (includes fan, 1W) 19W 13W
Startup times N.T. Box
  These were tested only on the fit-PC3 LP.
  Booting, power on to greeter 77 sec
  Wake up from S3 2 sec
  Go to sleep 1 sec
  OS shutdown to power off 8 sec
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